Artist Statement and Bio

Artist Statement 
I am an emerging visual artist and arts instructor who primarily works in oil painting using an impasto style to narrate fantastical stories based on references from pop culture, my childhood and imagination. In my practice, I explore themes of mythology, folklore and storytelling to try and make sense of the world around me. Storytelling is an important part of my practice and stems from my culture as a Guyanese-Canadian in which I grew up listening to stories from elders to share lessons and pass down knowledge. Through my work I explore these traditional folktales in a contemporary, whimsical and playful manner. 


Ashley Beerdat is an emerging artist of Guyanese descent who grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. Ashley is a visual artist who paints mythological narratives based on her imagination and uses a distinct impasto style to explore traditional folktales in a contemporary manner. She graduated from Western University with a specialization in Criminology and Major in Art History and Visual Arts (2019). However, Ashley’s fascination with art began in her childhood as she would often spend most of her time drawing and reading folktales. Her naive approach to art is rather unattached from the mainstream art world which allows her to explore her unique personal visions. Ashley’s artistic themes gravitate towards the Outsider Art movement in which she is compelled to create art based off her inner visions of these elaborate fantasy worlds and requires no artistic training. Ashley was an artist in residence at Visual Arts Mississauga in 2020. Her work is held in Mississauga’s permanent corporate Art collection and has been featured in local galleries including the Peel Gallery and Museum Archives (PAMA). Ashley currently has a  show at the Small Arms inspection building until December 4th 2020 as well as a virtual exhibition with Artscape.